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Coach is one of the top names when it comes to designer handbags and Purses. If you haven’t heard of Coach, which is highly unlikely you can read a bit about them below.

If you know all there is to know about Coach and you just want a cheap coach handbags outlet that are genuine then you have come to the right place – We have put together a list of all the  best bargains that you can get on Coach handbags and purses, you’ll find some as high as 60%! off in some case, which is fantastic savings for you.


When Coach was founded?

The coach company was established in 1941, on Manhattan’s 34th Street, New York City. It originally started as a family business that only manufactured leather wallets, at the time it was called Gail Leather Products. In 1961 Coach was bought by Miles & Lillian Cahn.

In 1946 Miles & Lillian Cahn husband and wife became members of the coach company, they were owners of a leather handbag business at the time, so had great expertise with leather. Coach was eventually more or less run by the Cahn’s by 1950.

The official Coach online store was launched in 1999 at

In 1959 the Coach Logo was officially introduced.

Coaches Leather Secrets

With the wealth of experience that Cahn had with leather he had figured out early on how to make the leather soft, flexible and strong at the same time,he also added to this the use of different color dyes. He got the idea from the leather that was used to make baseball gloves.

Lillian suggested to Miles early on that they should substitute there men’s wallets for women’s leather handbags (so now we have Coach today!) the well made cowhide handbags and purses, which became a massive hit with the ladies.

Coach Handbag And Purses Innovations

The pioneer for many of Coach handbags and purses designs today come from Bonnie Cashin, who was employed by coach between 1961 – 1974. Bonnie introduced side pockets, coin purses, and brighter colors, which  was different from the normal dark colors such as black and brown at the time.

Cashin added shoes, pens, key fobs and eye-wear and was the brains behind the Coaches silver toggle, which is a hallmak of Coach today!

Coach Sales

Between 1970 – 1980 the sales for coach purses and handbags were off the chart, so much so that demand became more than could be supplied, in the end Coach had to begin hand selecting stores that could sell their purses and handbags.

In 2012 there were over 600 Coach stores in the United states and Canada this number is expected to grow as they expand. You can also find Coach Purses and handbags in reputable department stores where they have boutiques.

In 1996 Reed Krakoff was hired as a designer for Coach, he is credited for making Coach the house hold name that it is today. Reed Krakoff  has recently announced that he will be leaving Coach in June 2014 to start his own snake skin brand company.

Source: WWD

What Coach Are Known For

Although Coach are a quality purse and handbag maker, they are still know as one of the high end handbags and purses that are more reasonably priced.

Different Coach Collections

The Borough
The Urbane
City Totes
Coach Classics

*as seen on the website.

So the great thing is the you can pick up cheap coach purses at a coach handbags outlet for as much as 60 percent off the original pricing and they are very easy to find when you know where to look.

One great place that you can find tons of coach bags is Amazon, believe it or not? The thing is you need to know how to search the website.

Amazon is such a big site that it can be very difficult to navigate, which is why most people totally miss out on all the deals they truly have to offer.

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We suggest that you take advantage of buying coach now, as in the future they intend to position them self as an even higher end luxury bag supplier.

Currently coach bags cost anywhere from $1000- $500, but the Company CEO Victor Luis has come out and said I quote, “You can have a $5,000, $2,000, $3,000 Coach bag in the future.”

This is good and bad news, but, Coach still remain one of the more affordable high end brands.

In Coaches 2013 Capsule Line of bags there’s a crocodile tote that will set you back $20,000! This is by far the most expensive item ever produced in a Coach line, so we all need to hurry! And buy while the goings good?

Here’s a look at that bag…It’s a beauty if I do say my self, $20,000? Maybe one day eh -)

coach croc bag

For now you can take a look at some of the cheap coach purses that we have found for you here, hopefully they are still available, if not check out the discount designer directory we recommend here.

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